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Skin has no gender. ‍ Our skincare line is based on natural ingredients that deliver effortless results for all type of skin. ‍Oasis Skincare was created by the esthetician Claire Molloy. Claire saw a link missing in the industry of skin care and she decided to transform this as an opportunity to create her own line to address the following values: effort, respect, quality and genderless products that serve her customers.The company was brought to life by the idea of creating a skincare that is straightforward and has a positive impact on both the lifestyle and environment we live in. The Oasis Skincare line is meant to provide constant assistance, everyday relief and everlasting results.‍


Create a look that shows consistency and has a straight forward message. Have everyone on board, from the team behind the company to their audience, in agreement. Last year Oasis Skincare was advancing from a small business to an international brand. Claire Molloy wanted be bold and walk through those doors with confidence that her brand look and message not only fits but also stands out from the competitors on the market. She wanted to make a long lasting impression. That being said, it was imperative to get the team and their customers agreeing with the look and message. The results would make the team be in alignment with the values that their customers relate to and will convey the message successfully engaging with their customers, making them seen and cared for.‍

The problem

What was at stake? The reason Oasis Skincare choose to work with us now it is because it was imperative to have a new look that align with the stage their business was on, which is to become international.Failing to do so would have not only delayed the process but affect the business from expanding to a larger audience and get more sales.

The solutions

Setting an effective brand strategy now is going to help build a strong foundation for the business by standing out from their competitors and navigate the journey of expanding internationally by having a map to follow with clear goals that will help them maintain on that course.

Brand Strategy

What Services did we provide?

Brand strategy.

Brand identity.

Customer research.

Social media templates.

Packaging design.

Brand Strategy

We had a brand strategy session with Claire where we found out more about the brand goals, ideal client and the target that the brand want to achieve.

We learned to whom they will be selling their products to and we got valuable insight about how they wanted to be positioned on the skincare market.

We used this information from our workshop to create a brand strategy roadmap.

From the very first question we asked all the other pieces come together beautiful in harmony.

Asking the why question lead us to develop their mission and vision statement, which then brought us to positioning, brand personality, messaging and brand voice.



Position message and Social Media Templates

Oasis Skincare is more than vegan skincare. Our products and our values are a reflection of a holistic attitude towards life and caring for your body and environment. In doing so, we adhere to the following principles of service: effort, respect, and quality and equality.

Every product is handmade and crafted by one of our small community of artisans. They take enormous pride in their work. They work extremely hard to bring you the best possible product at the best possible value. They are passionate about the skincare industry and passionate about bringing all their products to you at the lowest possible price.

This is a small way we can try and make the world a better place.

Pay it forward...try to share this philosophy and put it into action. Thank you for shopping with us!


The next step was to focus on their audience which lead to creating her customer journey.

What followed after was the mood board, to make sure everybody is on the same page with the how the visuals of the brand will look and feel.

Next step was creating their logo, which took us on a fun process to explore.

We also came up with colours and typography and a system of how to use photography.

With the brand strategy map and brand identity build, they could start navigate this journey as an international brand on the market with confidence and success.

We also put together a 3 months plan in action.

The results

They increased revenue with 20% from previous year.

The company team feels confident to share the brand message on their channels.

The team feels more inspired and innovative when it comes to new ideas.

They attracted more customers that were engaging with their products and loyal.




Days to complete the project


Team members involved in the process


Hours spent on ideation

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