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There are 3 important benefits for having a strong brand: you lead more, you connect more, you earn more.

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Why should you work with us?

· You never invested in branding before, always reaching to a friend of a friend to do your logo, choose your colours without any brand strategy to support the creative choices.

·  You want to invest in a branding that is not only about choosing a logo or fonts/colours but is about getting clarity on who your brand is, what you offer and what you should be aiming for.

·  You want an expert in health and wellness branding that has the knowledge and insights of the  market and can help you position your brand further.

What motivates me professionally?

As a health and wellness brand designer, I love what I do because I am able to gather my skills and experiences in one area and apply them to one field.

Also, I get to contribute to the world because my focus area is health and wellness.
I love serving humanity and helping people.

Why me?

 As a health and wellness brand designer, I understand the importance of a brand and its mission in human wellness and development.  

My passion and interest lies in that particular environment because I am very passionate about life. I value life and helping other people.

That's why I always try to do everything I can to live it to the fullest and make a difference.  

What do you get by collaborating with Acor?

· You are moving in the same direction to achieve success.

· You will get clarity of who your brand is and what it stands for.

· You focus more on what YOUR BRAND needs rather than what YOU need.

· Your main goal will become one: getting results and growing your health and wellness brand.

· You have an expert that helps you shift your perspective and adds more clarity on your health           and wellness branding.


We work with health and wellness business owners that :

· See branding as an investment that will create an impact and be a transformative experience for the business.

·  Are looking for solutions not a pretty logo.

·  Are a start up and are looking for a brand image created from scratch.

·  Are already in business but they lack engagement, and position on the market.

·  Are looking for rebranding, as the current one does not fits to the message they are trying to convey.

·  Want to level up and charge more.

·  Have a non-digital life. They work very hard to sell their business but they do not have a digital presence to support that

·  Need help defining their brand and demonstrating their value proposition in a way that connects better with their target audience.


How can brand strategy help you?

Branding is a discipline process used to build the following 3 things: awareness, attract new customers and extend customer loyalty.

·        Do you lack vision and clarity?
·        Is it challenging to identify the values and culture for your health and wellness business?
·        Do you have difficulties in identifying the customer’s needs?

The answer for all these questions and many more is only one: brand strategy.

Brand strategy will make it easy for the customer to buy, will help your business increase your sales and will make it easy for your business to build brand reputation.

Based on the brand strategy process your visual identity will come to life.

Here is what we look after when
we talk about Brand Strategy:

  1. Mission and Vision;

  2. Brand Values;
  3. Brand Positioning;
  4. Brand Story;
  5. Tagline;
  6. Ideal Customer research.

How can Brand Identity
help you?

Brand Identity’s goal is to appeal to your senses. You can see it, touch it, hold it, hear it and watch it move. Brand Identity is all about recognition, amplifies differentiation and makes big ideas accessible

•      Do you struggle standing out between your competition?
•       Do you lack style consistency?
•      Do you have difficulties with applying shape, form and colour theory to your wellness brand? 

The answer for all these questions and many more is only one: brand identity. Our vision is to craft branded visuals that are memorable, attract and create a connection with your target customers.

Here is what we look after when we talk about Brand Identity:

  • Logo Design and Redesign;
  • Colour Palette;
  • Typography;
  • Styled Imagery;
  • Stationary design;
  • Flyers & Brochures;
  • Social media branding templates.

What is a Health and Wellness Brand Designer?

 A Health and Wellness Brand Designer helps you create your visual identity through brand strategy. Brand strategy is the research performed about your company, your market and your target audience.
Brand stands for value.  

 A brand designer will define who you are, what you offer, how you want your customers to feel  about you and your services. As a consumer, you want to buy from a brand that stands for values you believe in.

 A health and wellness brand designer helps companies understand what they stand for, how to  create a brand identity for their product or service. They also help companies design a new strategy for their products or services.


What is the difference between Brand Designer and Graphic Designer?

The process of brand creation is a lot of work involving many associated activities such as  exploration, research, planning, implementation, and strategy.
Brand is a sum of all product attributes which customers perceive as prestigious or memorable.

Branding is the process of creating a unique and memorable image for a product or business.
It is not about selling products, but about creating and incorporating brand identity.

Graphic designers are visual problem solvers. They are trained to communicate ideas through images whether it is a logo, brochure, banner, website or any other communication tool.
They are the enablers of visual communication that visually express a company's message
and identity.

Graphic designers lay the foundation for the brand through a small identity system with
the unique graphic elements that help the brand identity to be


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